Freight Forwarding in Dong Nai

Freight Forwarding (Full Functions)

Freight Forwarding: competitive freight rates for a lot of lines mainly focus and have competitive rate for KOREA, CHINA, EU, SIN..

Inland & Multimodal Transportation

We trucking service spans from normal cargo, express delivery, group to full load. With his own fleet of trucks and further services, GPG-Logs can ensure the trucking and delivery everywhere with all types of trucks and trailers


General/CFS/Bonded Warehouses

Warehouse services: includes inland warehouse, bonded warehouse, CFS with different sizes of warehouses. We also offer bare warehouse services as well as leasing warehouse including related services such as storage, sorting, packaging, counting, manual and motorized handling ... security 24/24.


Commercial Services

To be consistently the most reliable corporation in the region when it comes to safety, quality, timely service and anticipation of customer needs.

PIC Mr Tan Thanh
Dong Nai Branch Manager

C/ +84 977 795 635/ 906 795 635

P/ +84 28 355 11 657 ext:120