Imports of computers, electronic products and components rose by more than US$2 billion

Computers, electronic products and components are Vietnam’s largest imports and have had the largest increase in turnover of the whole country.

imports of computers electronic products and components rose by more than us 2 billion

The largest exporters of computers, electronic produst and components by the end of the first quarter. Chart: T. Binh

The latest statistics from the General Department of Customs showed that by April 15, the country’s import turnover reached US$67.924 billion.

In which, there are two groups reaching a turnover of US$10 billion or more.

The biggest commodity group in terms of import turnover was computers, electronic products and components.

The group had a turnover of US$13.856 billion, a year-on-year increase of nearly US$ 2.1 billion, equivalent to a growth rate of 17.8%.

This group accounted for 20.4% of the total import turnover at the same time.

The suppliers of this groups are mainly markets in Asia.

In which, South Korea was the largest export market with a turnover of US$4.57 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 2%.

The second largest was the Chinese market with a turnover of US$2.77 billion, up by 71.1%; followed by Taiwan market with US$1.16 billion, up by 38.3%.

The other import group of "tens of billions of dollars" as of April 15, is machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts with a turnover of US$10.11 billion, an increase of US$1.27 billion from the same period last year, equivalent to 14.4%.

Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea were also the largest export markets.

By the end of March, import turnover from China reached US$ 3.21 billion , up 27%; South Korea reached US$1.56 billion, up 7.6%; Japan reached US$ 1.13 billion, up 2.4%.


By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang

Source: Customes News